On your retirement, dear

Published on May 23rd, 2009 — 11:27pm

Now you have retired
Your employment has ceased
Forty over years you served
With dedication unreserved

Oh! how I recall those days
Before the visiting morning rays
You are ready prime and gay
Looking forward to earn your pay.

Oh! how I used to laugh
Seeing you off in a rush
As if time is not enough
Being employee looked so tough.

Then in the evening you came back
This time you looked so slack
The day works seemed to wreck
All energy your body packed

After dinner, at the desk you are glued
Piles of working papers inundated
In your world you were locked
You were all famished by nine o’clock.

Then slowly yours eyed closed
On your chair you dozed
Only to wake up later
Then on the bed you faltered.

Now those days had gone bye
You are free as the birds that fly
Free to do as you wish
Retirement is everybody wish.

But wait, who is that lady with a hat?
Swinging a saber with no regret
Swiping the weeds and tall grasses
Leaving them short on their asses

Oh Oh! it is you, my love
A Gardener you now, behove!
What an amusing sight to behold
A civil servant now in a Gardener’s role

Wow! What now my darling?
The house is in sprint cleaning?
I really admired your energy
Retirement is for you a synergy

Then suddenly one week later
Back pain ran you asunder
Now a real gardener you employed
Gardening to you is no more joy.

Now every week I have to attend
Massaging your back in pain
Suddenly a masseur I become
For you my dear, it is most welcome.

Suddenly our house is back to nomal
Just like before your retirement call
Now you are really retired, my girl
And your back pain is the scoundrel.

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1 comment to “On your retirement, dear”

  1. Mohd Anis bin Mohd Ariff

    Thank you Ustaz.

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