Ali & Aliya

Published on June 19th, 2009 — 11:42pm

written by Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

50 years Ali and Aliya been married
She was 23 and he was 24 when they first dated
After a year they tied the knot
After both their parents gave their nods.

Now they are seventy three and seventy four
Aliya was not as healthy as before
Just a few months ago she slipped
Her pelvis in several place was fractured.

She was admitted into a hospital
She was operated because of the fall
She was discharged a month later
Walking with a crutch supporting her

During her one month stay in the hospital
Ali was by her side thoughout the ordeal
Day and night without fail
Encouraging her with loving calls

Now they are back at home nicely
But she needs treatment twice monthly
The hospital was in another town
6 hours journey, Ali frown.

After much discussion they decided
To sell their house and moved
Log barrel and all
To a house very near the hospital

After a few months in the new residence
On her crutch with Ali’s assistance
Aliya was on hobbling home after treatment
When they passed a group of young men

Suddenly one of the men shouted,
“We hate strangers in our town resided!”
Suddenly they kicked Aliya’s crutch
She fell to the ground after a lurch.

The young men then rushed toward her
Wanting to stamp their feet over her
That was when Ali bodily covered her
He was kicked instead of her.

So vicious was their attack
Ali was unconscious on the track.
Before unconscious, they all could hear
He said “I won’t let them hurt you my dear, !”

Ali was in the hospital for 7 days
Beside him Aliya sat and stay
Tears fell almost everyday
Watching Ali unconscious day by day.

He is the only man she loves
The only man who she knows
There was never another
Her heart belong to him and no other.

She held his hand and said in a soft tone
“Don’t you die and leave me alone
I can’t bear to live without you
This world is empty if I’m without you!”

All the doctors and nurses did hear
Aliya’s lamentation so clear
Tears too roll down their cheeks
To note the pains love did reek.

Soon words spread around
First the hospital then the town
Many best wishers came around
Watch the loving couple feeling astound.

Then miracle happened on the 10th day
Ali gained consciousness in the midday
He sat upright on is bed so suddenly
Sending well-wishers and Aliya in frenzy.

Ali said something everybody did hear
“Aliya, Aliya where are you my dear?”
When he saw Aliya by his side
He held her face and they embraced.

“Thank you God for keeping her alive
I do not mind sacrificing my life
just to see her one more day in my life!”
Ali thanking God that she survives.

Tears fell from his eyes
Tears fell  from Aliya’s eyes
Tears fell from the many well-wishers
Tears too fell from the nurses and doctors.

7 days more in the hospital he did stay
Aliya was by his side all the days
The hospital discharged him
Since he was then fit and trim.

Ali and Aliya left the ward
To the main Entrance they walked
At the Entrance they stood in shock
So many strangers at the Entrance did flock

On seeing them they all clapped their hands
A stranger with a Mayor’s cap took their hands
Leading them to a strange structure
Covering in a large clothes in white.

The structure clothed in white stood
In the small garden at the Entrance’s foot
All those present shouted encouragement
For Ali and Aliya to pull the white garment.

When they tugged at the white clothes’ cord
They were shocked beyond words
Stood there are their busts in embrace
And a caption below it did state,

“I do not mind sacrificing my life
just to see her one more day in my life!”

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