Published on June 27th, 2009 — 2:17am

written by Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

A few miles into the Desert Jane drove
Wanting to view the Desert’s Grove
It was late evening when she did stop
Facing a small Hill about 25 feet to the top .

Leaving on her Jeep’s lights
On her feet to the top of the Hill she flight
Wanting to savour  the Desert’s delight
Picturesque in the evening light

She took a Jacket and a Bottle of drink
As she went onto the Hill’s brink
From the Hill, she breathe the sight
The majestic view did make her sigh

Then from behind she did hear
A strange sound approaching near
When she turned the Sky was dark
A small Cave on the Hill she dove like Lark

From the Entrance of the Cave she watched
It was raining sands everywhere she looked
She waited a long time but it did not stop
In the end she fell asleep at the spot.

After a long slumber she woke up
From the Entrance she saw the Sun was up
She stood up and rushed outside
Everywhere only sands in sight

There was no more hill standing
The sands had risen to the Cave’s footing
Her jeep could no longer be seen
In the unending sand it was hidden .

In the early morning light she decided to track
Walking through the Desert to find her way back
She walked back the direction she came
Carrying her Bottle of water in her Jacket seam.

As the Sun got higher and higher
The heat was too much for her
She drank a little as could be
The water she needed to preserve.

When the heat was unbearable to bear
She sought refuge under a hugh Boulder
There she waited for the evening
Before she started again her walking

When the sun set, the night was black
She was lucky to find a place to rest her back
In the night it was cold and quiet
With her Jacket and Jean she managed.

In the next morning light she started again
Seeking refuge when the heat was burning pain
In the evening she started once again
But this time her water none remain.

Feeling thirsty and hungry she slogged
Her throat and mouth were patched
When the night came so suddenly
She was caught with no place to lay.

So she trodded on in the night
Hoping to reach the end of the Desert
When her foot slipped and she fell free
Down a Ridge she failed to see.

Fortunately the Ridge was but small
As she tumbled down her body hit a wall
Her hands started to rub the wall
It was but a big boulder along the fall.

There she lay exhausted in great pain
Her throat  and her lips were slain
She knew then she could not survive
Another onslaught of the desert’s drive

She began to think of her parents
Their kind and loving faces apparent
She cried her heart in pain
Knowing she would not see them again.

Then she began to think of God
Never in her life she gave Him a thought
Then strange thing that night did occur
The first time in her life she said a prayer

“Oh God, I am never a believer
Hence I ignore You altogether
But if You really exist as they say
Please send an Angel to where I lay!”

She thought of her parents again
And her tears fell unrefrained.
Soon after she fell asleep
As the dark night began to creep.

That morning a few feet from the Ridge
A Husband and wife scientists did lodge
Their camp together with their instruments
To study the desert’s predicament.

Together they brought along their daughter
Who would be 5 years old two days later
And who was staring up the Ridge
A red colour thing her eyes did see.

What she saw was Jane’s sneakers
Her curiosity made she went hither
When to the colour she came nearer
She saw Jane sleeping beside the boulder.

“Hi there are you alright?” she said
Jane woke up startled and afraid
Before her was a small figure
Jane watched feeling unsure.

Then the figure moved toward her
Sitting down and grasped her fingers
“Are you alright Lady?” the voice say
Jane just do not know what to say.

Then Jane heard another voice clearly
“Angel, I coming to get you!” a voice of a Lady.
Jane tears fell and in her heart she did pray,
“Thank you God, You really exist,” she did say.

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