The Creator and the creations, Part I

Published on June 1st, 2009 — 12:00am

At the beginning there is only God and He named Himself, “Allah”. He had commanded in the Quran to the effect:

Say, “He is Allah, The One and Only.1

Then He created all creations. He had commanded in the Quran to the effect:

For to anything which We have willed, We but say the word, “Be”, and it is.2

However before He says the word, “Be”, He had made ready a perfect and all comprehensive Divine Plan. He had commanded in the Quran to the effect:

When He hath decreed a Plan, He but said to it, “Be” and it is!3

And that Divine Plan is called, “Loh Mahfuz”. It is a perfect and all comprehensive Plan created by The All-Wisest, Allah. He forgets nothing in this Plan and as such there can be no amendment. He had commanded in the Quran to the effect:

With Him is the Mother of the Book (Loh Mahfuz)4

Nothing have We omitted from the Book.5

Nor is hidden from your Lord (so much as) the weight of an atom.6

No change will you find in the practice (approved) of Allah7

And the command of Allah is a decreed determined.8

Many had compared His command, “Be” to that of the “Big Bang” and recently scientists too had attempted to emulate the “Big Bang”. However, the attempt is destined to fail because there was absent of the Divine Plan (Loh Mahfuz) which is the prerequisite for the “Big Bang” to work. Allah had commanded in the Quran to the effect:

It is He who created all things, and ordered them in due proportions.9

Verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion.10

This Divine Plan fortified the fact that there is an Intelligent Design. Thus we can see the physicals of human being with the head on the top, the body and hands below that and the legs at the bottom remain constant all over the world. Similarly, the trees too have their leaves on the top, stem in the middle and the roots at the bottom. Animals give birth to animals, human to human and so on. We can note many more similarities not only on physical aspects but also on the non-physical as well as environment where they live. All these denote the Divine Intelligent Design. Allah had commanded to the effect:

Verily, all things have We created in proportion and measure.11

Lest you think that the Intelligent Design is due to the Divine Plan (Loh Mahfuz) alone, you are greatly mistaken. It is actually the result of the partnership between the Divine Plan and the Divine Essence. In respect of the latter, at the beginning there is God and nothing was with Him. So when He commanded, “Be” and creations were created, this begets the question, “From which source the creations were created from?” If there was another existence apart from Him then the concept that at the beginning He was alone collapsed and collapsed too the foundation of Monotheism.12 Such being the case, it is indisputable that the source of creations is He, alone. Thus Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had said to the effect:

You are the Essence from which creations evolved.13

And Allah had commanded in the Quran to the effect:

I am The First.14

  • Although He is unknown (a Hidden God), His Essence is without doubt the source of all creations and so He is conveniently referred to as The (Whole) Essence.15 The Whole Essence is immeasurable and unfathomable.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had said to the effect:

Verily Allah is the Glorious Essence16

There is no God but The Essence.17

Thus when He commanded, “Be”, His Essence manifested in accordance to the role given in the Divine Plan (Loh Mahfuz). Allah had commanded in the Quran to the effect:

I am The Manifest.18

The next inevitable question is, “Is The Whole Essence manifested into all creations?” To this end, we have the following answers:

  1. According to the Concept of Wahdatul Wujud, all the creations are He in manifestation. Hence they said, “One in all, all in One.”19
  2. According to the Concept of the Light of Muhammad, before commanding, “Be”, part of The Whole Essence became the Light of Muhammad then the remaining part of The whole Essence commanded, “Be” to the Light of Muhammad and beholds creations were created (from the Light of Muhammad).20
  3. According to the Concept of Wahdatul Syuhud, the only real existence is God and creations are an unreal existence.21
  4. According to the Concept of Dzatiyah, a little of The Whole Essence is used as the source of all creations. How little of The Whole Essence was used as source of all creations, according to:

a) The Bang Theory- lesser than an atom. 22
b) Prophet Jesus – Lesser than a particle of sand.23
c) Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – like the full moon in the sky (you can block it with your thumb) but Allah is greater than this.24

It has to be stressed at the outset that we subscribed to the Concept of Dzatiyah.

  • In the light that a little of His Whole Essence is the source of all creations hence creation alone or as a whole can never be God.

The whole creations are but the manifestation of The Little Essence. The manifestation hides The Little Essence and thus He commanded to the effect:

I am The Hidden.25

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29 comments to “The Creator and the creations, Part I”

  1. Afdillah Bin Aman

    Thank you for your sharing. This is what I have been searching for this all my life. Alhamdullillahirrabbilalamin. May Allah remove all complications from your noble mission and grant great successes to you. Amin

  2. Ust Hussien Abdul Latiff

    Alhamdulillah, thank you!

  3. Kelly Brown

    Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

  4. JaneRadriges

    The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

  5. KattyBlackyard

    I really like your post. Does it copyright protected?

  6. GarykPatton

    You know so many interesting infomation. You might be very wise. I like such people. Don’t top writing.

  7. Ust Hussien Abdul Latiff

    Alhamdulillah, Thank you to all. Insya-Allah will continue writing in this website.

  8. Ust Hussien Abdul Latiff

    Yes the articles herein are copyright protected.

  9. Hamba Allah

    Dear All

    I have experience Marifatullah but thrugh my advise start from bottom
    from syariat as our Rasullulah said think of Allah and never allow
    to question abt Zat if you dont understant abt Marifat you will get into
    big trouble like as i ever said to myself (Why i worry everthing is written
    end me up to disaster)

    The most important is Taqwa and follow Rasullullah is the best way

    Marifat can only be acheived by selected people chosen by God Wasaalam

  10. Ust Hj Hussien Bin Abdul latiff

    This question had been raised in”Istilah dan Sejarah I” which is as follow:

    Razale Ahat
    June 3rd, 2009 at 8:20 am
    Jika, Makrifat kepada Allah Ta’ala itulah yang merupakan asas atau fundamen yang di atasnya didirikanlah segala kehidupan kerohanian, Tidakah ia harus diajar kepada anak anak kita di peringkat awal seperti di madrasah atau kelas agama minguan.

    [If “Knowledge of God” is the base or foundation of our spiritual world, shouldn’t it be taught to children at the early stage say, in Madrasah (Islamic Religious School) or weekend Islamic religious classes?]

    Saya telah berbicara tentang apa yang diajar oleh Ustaz kepad beberapa teman. Tetapi jawapan yang selalu saya terima ialah ilmu Makrifatullah adalah ilmu agama islam yang sangat dalam dan mereka tidak mahu mempelajarinya kerana kononnya ilmu syariah mereka belum cukup.

    [I had discussed with some friends about what Ustaz had taught me. Their answer would always be “Knowledge of God” is an lslamic subject which requires an in depth study of Syariah as such they do not want to study it because their study of Syariah is still inadequate].

    Ust Hussien Abdul Latiff
    June 3rd, 2009 at 1:06 pm
    Alhamdulillah, di seminar Makrifatullah kami di Singapura yang kini dibuat setiap awal bulan, kami dapat mengajarkan ilmu ini kepada anak-anak termasuk mereka yang di bawah umur 12 tahun. Daripada pengalaman kami kanak-kanak berumur 10 tahun keatas dapat memahami ilmu ini kerana itu kami sentiasa buka seminar kami kepada kanak-kanak ataupun kepada kesemua ahli keluarga. Kami juga pernah buka seminar ini kepada yang bukan Islam mereka juga memahaminya dan kagum Islam mempunyai Ilmu ini. Semasa mengadakan seminar di Johor Bahru, ramai asatizah meminta saya mengajar ilmu ini di madrasah-madrasah di Johor Bahru khasnya dan Malaysia amnya kerana ianya memperkuat aqidah. Sayangnya, pada masa ini saya belum ada masa untuk berbuat begitu, insya-Allah di hari depan mungkin.

    [Praise be to Allah, we have held Seminar on Knowledge of God in Singapore every month and even taught this Knowledge to children below the age of 12 years old. From our experience even a 10 years old child could understand this Knowledge hence we open our Seminar to Children of all ages or to a Family. We even open this Knoledge to non-Muslim in Singapore and they too could understand this Knowledge and were flabbergasted that Islam has this Knowledge. When we held a Seminar in Johor Bahru in respect of this Knowledge, many of the Asatizah (Islamic Religious Teachers) requested that we taught the same in the Madrasah (Islamic Religious Schools) in Johor particularly and in Malaysia generally as this Knowledge helps to strengthen our Islamic Faith. Unfortunately because of time constraints, I could not now accept the offer but may be in the near future if God so Will.]

    Jumhur ulama mengatakan “Awaludin Makrifatullah” dan Rasulullah (saw) ada berpesan kepada para sahabat sekiranya mereka bersua dengan kaum yahudi yang mahu beriman kepada Allah swt, kenalkan mereka kepada Allah dahulu sesudah itu baru beritahu sembahyang 5 waktu itu adalah wajib. Di sini kita lihat bagaimana peri pentingnya Makrifatullah kepada seseorang yang mahu beriman kepada Allah. Kerana inilah Allah sudah memperkenalkan DiriNya kepada kita di dalam azali lagi: sila rujuk Surah Al Araaf (7):172-173 yang tertera di atas ini. Sayangnya, syaitan-syaitan sudah mengelirukan umat manusia dan membuat mereka berfikir Makrifatullah itu hanya untuk yang sudah tinggi ilmunya. Bukankah ini bercangggah dengan pandangan Rasulullah (saw) dan jumhur ulama? Maka adalah tugas kami membanteras tipu dayah syaitan ini untuk membena umat Islam yang kuat iman mereka dan tidak dapat dipesongkan aqidah mereka dengan senang menerusi apa yang turun daripada pintu globalisasi.

    [Majority of our Muslim Scholars had stressed, “The First thing in religion is to know God” and our Hold Prophet (pbuh) had reminded his Companions that should they meet Jews who want to embrace Islam, teach them to know God first before telling them that the 5 times daily prayers are obligatory. To this end, we should note how important is the “Knowledge of God”. Thus Allah swt had made it a point to introduce Himself to us whilst we were in the world of souls: see verse Al Araaf (7):172-173. Regrettably, Satan had managed to dupe many to think that this Knowledge is meant for those who are in the higher enchelon of the Islamic Faith. This clearly contradicted the sayings of our Holy Prophet (pbuh) as well as the majority of our Islamic Scholars as aforesaid.
    It is our job to clear this misconception created by Satan and to strengthen the Islamic faith in our Muslims with this Knowledge so as not to be easily deceived by Satan and also with whatsoever coming out from the “Door of Globalisation”]

    I will add that the time has come and the Door Of Globalisation is now open for us to give this Knowledge to the Whole World (Muslims and Non-Muslims). From our experience, Alhamdullilah, we need only about 3 hours or less to give this Knowledge to our participants of all ages: See our Feedbacks column. Be that as it may, in the Book entitled, “Sufis of the 20th Century” by Martin Ling. Syeikh Ahmad Alawi, the leader of the Sufistic Movement stated that he could endow his dervishes with this Knowledge of God in matter of minutes, hours, days or months. So it is not a big deal. In fact, obtaining this Knowledge is but an infant stage into the World of God. It is just like a blind person who just got his eyesights. In fact every infant is born a Muslim (Knowing God)because this Knowledge had already been given to them whilst they are in the realm of souls as such there is no excuse for any individual not worship Allah because he did not know Allah or that he is a mere follower of his ancestors in their worshipping other than Allah.

    “Dzat” is the name given to God as the Holy Prophet [pbuh] had said that “Allah is Dzat, Most Majestic” and “There is no God but The Dzat”. What has been discussed is His Attributes (Sifat), Names (Asma’) and (Af’al) Doings. As to the Dzat, Himself, nobody knows. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) had said, ” Who happened to glance the Dzat will be destroyed.”

    Finally I will say that if Syaikh Ahmad Alawi (or person like him) said that he could endow his dervishes with this Knowledge of God in matter of minutes, hours, days or months, this enlightened person deserves one’s ears not prejudice. As Imam Ahmad Ar Rifai said,”Hasten and listen to the talks of these peoples before their demise!”

  11. Ismailsgbuloh

    Salam Alaika Ya Ustaz,

    May Allah honour you in His Presence.

  12. alhu

    Waalaikum salam. Alhamdulillah, may Allah allow me to share this Honour (if so granted) with you and all our other muslim Bethrens. Terima Kasih.

  13. Ilkhab Salahuddin

    I cant blame you for adopting dzatiya concept, but i have to tell you that as far as i am concern. dzatiya concept is unacceptable because it alters the divine essence of God. If your basis are 1. Lesser than a particle of sand and 2. like the full moon in the sky (you can block it with your thumb) but Allah is greater than this. These sayings are metaphorical and not comparative. Just like what Nabi Hayder told Musa the comparison of the volume of water that wet the beak of a bird and the whole ocean as likened unto the knowledge of God as large as the ocean and that being shared by the whole creations from the beak of the bird.
    Going to the 3 concept, to me these 3 are not concept but are contiguous part in attaining the His oneness,

    While, Wahdatul Syuhud is the process how to unveil the secret of SHUHUDUL WAHDA FIL KASHRA WA SHUHUDUL KASHRA FIL WAHDA. This process will bring you to the position of attaining KULLU SHAYIN KHALIKUN ILLA WAJHA which will bring out clearly the manifestation of wahdatul ujud. If wahdatul ujud is attained then only one will understand ANA MIN NURILLA WA KHALAKA KULLUHUM MIN NUR. And when this hadith is understood then you will find the way back through INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJIUN when you have attained the first death. This means you have accomplished ARRIFUNIY SUMMA FATAHBUDUNIY, KUNTU KANJAN MUHFIYYAN FA AHBABTU AN AHRAF FA KHALAKTUL KHALQ, ANA MAUJUDUN FATLUBNIY, TAJIDNIY ARRIFUNIY SUMMA FATAHBUDUNIY. WASSALAM

  14. Ustaz A L Hussien

    “ANA MIN NURILLA WA KHALAKA KULLUHUM MIN NUR” is a false hadith. From my research in doing my Phd in Tasawuf, this is saying created by believers in the concept of “Nur Muhammad” and not a hadith. Dr Yusuf Al Qardawi had fatwa that there are no ahadith pertaining to Nur Muhammad which can be based for our Aqidah.


    ada phd……,…….sesat

  16. hj Hussien Latiff

    2:78 Dan di antara mereka ada yang buta huruf, tidak mengetahui Al Kitab, kecuali dongengan bohong belaka dan mereka hanya menduga-duga.

    6:50 Katakanlah: “”Apakah sama orang yang buta dengan orang yang melihat?”” Maka apakah kamu tidak memikirkan (nya)?”

    6:104 “Sesungguhnya telah datang dari Tuhanmu bukti-bukti yang terang; maka Barang siapa melihat (kebenaran itu), maka (manfaatnya) bagi dirinya sendiri; dan barang siapa buta (tidak melihat kebenaran itu), maka kemudaratannya kembali kepadanya. Dan aku sekali-kali bukanlah pemelihara (mu).”

    20:125-127 Berkatalah ia: “”Ya Tuhanku, mengapa Engkau menghimpunkan aku dalam keadaan buta, padahal aku dahulunya adalah seorang yang melihat?”Allah berfirman: “”Demikianlah, telah datang kepadamu ayat-ayat Kami, maka kamu melupakannya, dan begitu (pula) pada hari ini kamu pun dilupakan” Dan demikianlah Kami membalas orang yang melampaui batas dan tidak percaya kepada ayat-ayat Tuhannya. Dan sesungguhnya azab di akhirat itu lebih berat dan lebih kekal.

  17. Mohd S

    Salam ustaz, just wondering…

    if you were to leave out the part about “A little of His Essence” and replace it with something like “He wills it out of nothing and it (the creations) came into being”…. will it upset one’s aqidah? ?will it flaw the whole tasawuf??

    Thank you

  18. hj hussien bin abdul latiff

    To say, ““He wills it out of nothing and it (the creations) came into being”… is to say there are at the beginning two existence – (i) Allah (ada) and (ii) Nothing (Tiada – daripada tiada/out of nothing). Contoh – Saya datang daripada Kuala Lumpur. Prof Muhammad Said Ramadhan Al Buti berpendapat:

    Sekiranya Allah swt didahului oleh tiada nescaya ada yang memberi kesan pada kewujudan-Nya. Jika demikian halnya, maka Dia tidak layak menjadi Tuhan kerana yang berhak menjadi Tuhan ialah yang wujud sebelumnya dan yang mengadakannya. Jika tiada yang lain selain Dia, maka Dialah yang disifatkan Qadim dan Dialah Tuhan sebenarnya:

    Telah pun sabit dengan bukti yang yakin, yang tidak mengandungi keraguan sedikit pun bahawa kewujudan segala yang mumkin ini bersandar pada zat yang wajib Wujudnya (wajibul wujud), yang bersifat dengan segala sifat kesempurnaan dan yang suci daripada segala sifat kekurangan. Maka seharusnya kita mengimani zat yang agung, yang mengatur urusan alam semesta ini seluruhnya. Zat ini berhubungkait dengan alam semesta dan tidak terpisah daripadanya.”
    Ref:Muhammad Said Ramadhan Al Buti, Keyakinan Hakiki, 124 & 112

  19. hj hussien bin abdul latiff

    Allah Pencipta langit dan bumi, dan bila Dia berkehendak (untuk menciptakan) sesuatu, maka (cukuplah) Dia hanya mengatakan kepadanya: “Jadilah”. Lalu jadilah ia. Al Baqarah (2):117

    Kalau Allah swt sahaja pada permulaan maka kepada siapa Dia tujukan firman itu?. Kalau ada sesuatu selain daripada-Nya maka pada permulaan sudah ada dua kewujudan dan dengan ini runtuhlah tauhid.
    Imran Hoesin, Islam And The Changing World Order, 9 (1991).

  20. Mohd S

    Salam Ustaz,

    Thank you for the response. Maybe I had used the wrong words in trying to express my point. Let me rephrase…. say “He wills it and the creations come into being”. I am quite sure you see where I am going with this.

    Unless there is specific and clear quranic ayat/s or hadith/s referring to Him creating, out of a little of His essence, all other creations, then we should just accept that He simply willed it into being.

    For to say that he used a little of His essence to create would limit His Almightiness, that he needed to have something in order to create another thing (and also, based on your account at another page, it would appear as if He ‘needed’ for His little essence to be in all creations to be All Knowing).

    Based on the Luh Mahfuz being His Divine Plan, then it is apparent that He knows All, even before creating His creations, thereby invalidating the idea of ‘needing’ to create out of a little of His Essence and be ‘present’ in all creations in order to Know All.

    It is His Knowledge that encompasses all and not His Essence/Being). So far, I find the rest of your belief of the creator and creations still plausible, except that it pivots on this “Little Essence” part. This part has to be better proven.

    Thank you

  21. Hj Hussien Latiff

    This begs the question as pointed out by Imam Imran Hoesin to whom He commanded, “Be” when He is the only existence? And here arose the concepts of Wahdatul Wujud and Nur Muhammad which are rejected by syariah.

    He does not need anything other than Himself to create creation and if you understood this you will understand the saying of Imam Ghazali, “Orang yang mengenal dirinya dan mengenal Tuhannya niscaya sudah pasti ia mengenal bahawa ia tiada mempunyai wujud bagi dirinya.
    Imam Ghazali, Ihya Ulumiddin Bk. 7, 427 (1981).

    And you will understand too the following verse of the Quran:
    Akulah yang zahir dan batin
    Al Hadid (57):3

    Your saying ““He wills it out of nothing and it (the creations) came into being” is a common mistake in many of our ulama books on tauhid which statement tantamount to shirks”. This should not be taken lightly nor brushed aside lightly because it destroyed one’s Aqidah. I don’t think you know where you are going until I pointed it out to you but as I say it is a common mistake among many ouf our ulamas not only you.

    As for the ahadith and the Quranic verses as reference for the concept Dzatiyah, please refer to my lectures especially in Youtube – Makrifatullah 2 Part 4

    Did not you realise Loh Mahfuz is also a creation and does not exist before He commanded, “Be” so when He commanded, “Be”, where does Loh Mahfuz come from and according to you previously must be “out of nothing”.

    You said,”It is His Knowledge that encompasses all and not His Essence/Being” – think carefully – is His Knowledge estranged from His Essence? Or His Knowledge inseparable from His Essence? Same situation was posed to me by one ulama and I told him that His Knowledge is inseparable from His Essence, He was visibly shaken and this was what he said,”If people can understand what you had just said, many would achieve Makrifat.” May Allah Bless his soul as he just demised recently. I hope what this ulama had spoken may enlighten you.

  22. Mohd S

    Thank you Ustaz, I shall go through this site further and see what I will ‘see’ at the end.


  23. Hj Hussien Latiff

    Thanks and salam to you.

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  27. doa doa pengasih

    The Holy Ghost is invisible as He gives us strength, like a wind turbine’s natural power.
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    in your life is paraded before you is humbling. The question is guaranteed to come up at some point when keeping your commitment to self care is inconvenient and
    a challenge.


    […] The Creator and the creations, Part I […]

  29. Jerry

    Thanks for helping me to see things in a diffreent light.

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