Published on June 27th, 2009 — 2:13am

written by Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

Kukata was one year old
His parents perished in the Typhoon’s fold
To all Fishermen it was a common disaster
Many young ones left without mother and father.

He was then adopted by his uncle
Who is married but no children to cuddle
So Kukata grew up until he was fifteen
With his uncle who was also a fisherman.

At this age Kukata began to pay attention
Many Villagers did always mention
That he was but an adopted son
After his parents were killed by the typhoon

Afraid to ask his adopted father
He approached his mother’s brother
He confirmed what the villagers did mention
Kukata was but an adopted son

Since that day his life was fill with sadness
Inferiority feeling came to harness
Every day was but a torment
In his heart he cried and lament.

Eventhough he was sad and despair
He kept his griefs and did not air
Sparing his adopted parents feeling
Should they know there was no tellings.

That morning he left with his father
In a boat they row together.
However fish they could not gather
From spot to spot they move hither.

Unknowingly they entered the areas
Control by uncivilised Savages
Soon many boats surrounded them
The Savages drawing weapons at them.

After a few tensed minutes locked
The Savages Chief spoke
“We need only one life to offer
To our God, the Mountain Retainer!.”

The Chief then  continued
“So choose between you
Which one shall die!
Or what a choice, fie! fie!”

Immediately Kukata fraught
He was an adopted child, he thought
His life meant nothing to his father
He was sure his life his father would offer.

To his surprise he heard his father said,
“Take me in his stead
As he is my son, the only son I have!”
His father to the Chief did rave.

To his men the Chief then signalled
Into their boat his father was pulled
Then his boat was pushed away
The Chief signalled for him to go his way.

He took the paddle and turned  to his father,
“Father, is it true  I am your  son, your only son?”
His father looked at him and what he said
Kukata would never forget until he is dead.

“You are my son, my only son
There is no others but you the one
No words can ever show my love for you
The truth is, now my life is you!”


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