Published on June 19th, 2009 — 11:45pm

written by Amran Abdul Wahab

If you dim the light  ….

What will you see?
If you killed the light will you see?
Is this mysterious ….
Or does mystery occurs by itself…
Tell me friends…

From afar you see …..
A sparkle dim light
Seem too bright for the naked eyes
An inch away will blind your sight
That’s goes for the Essence of All Mighty
Even Moses is prohibited to see
At Mount Sinai fainted He
At the sight of The Light

I seek your guidance
To be within Your Circle of Light
Oh Mighty One ……
Nor can I see the present of Thy Essence

Just to be with You
In the arm of Your Lights of Iman…
Only will I feel safe
Oh Mighty One
Bless me  ….
Oh You The Mighty Essence
That’s all just what I ask…

Please grant me…
Oh One and Only Mighty Gracious
Shower me with Your Light
For to Thee astray
I should not be…

Let me be in Your arm….

Amin ….

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