God, you are really great!

Published on July 17th, 2009 — 10:25pm

written by Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

Ant Junior asked his mother
“Why must we live down under
In the Earth and in darkness
Storing foods at all creases.”

Junior added further
“Why can’t we live up there mother?”
Pointing to the earth’s surface
“Like all the human race?”

“I want to run on the ground
Climbing trees abound
To feel the wind on my face
Until I am daze!”

“Why mother why can’t I be like them
Living on Earth in such mayhem
Instead of these cramming tunnels
Running deep in the Earth as channels?”

Ant mother looked at him and said
“I couldn’t answer what you have said
But I’m sure God knows what is best
In giving us this place of rest.”

Ant mother continued in zest
“Knowing that God is the Wisest
All He had done are the best
Even to us living in this Earthly nest.”

Then they heard commotion
All the ants are in motion
“Fire, fire!” they were shouting
Deep into the Earth they are running.

The fire raged day after day
Deep into the Earth the ants did stay
Nourished by the food they had stored
Deep in the Earth’s creases they are placed.

After many days the fire had died down
All the ants were on the Earth’s ground
So great the devastation they witnessed
Every one of them were astounded.

All the trees were plundered
All the animals were massacred
Many humans were executed
By the raging Fire they were butchered.

“Now, Junior”, his mother said
“Do you know why we are safe?”
Junior nodded his head and replied,
“Yes, because deep in the Earth we stayed!”

“Do you now see how great is God’s Wisdom
Otherwise we too would have met our doom!”
Junior nodded his head and whispered
“God, You are really Great!” he said.

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