Majulah Singapura

Published on July 9th, 2009 — 12:36am

written by Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

Ahmad and Lim Ah Poh
From Secondary one to four
They were in the same school
The Brilliance Secondary School.

They just could not be together
Fight ensued when they met each other
“Hoi Cina Bukit”[*], Ahmad would shout
“Hoi Budak Kampung”[†], Ah Poh would retort

That were their lives in the School
Fighting each other was the rules
When they finished their secondary education
They went to different Pre-University Institutions .

When his Pre-University Studies did end
Ah Poh continued his studies in England
At Joan Woodward’s Hostel he resided
At Queensway London, it was situated.

After a few months staying in London
Loneliness made him sight and frown
It was either he was in the University
Or back in his room to study.

On a few occasions he did walk
At Hdye Park, he listened to the Talks
But then again back to his room
Studying and feeling gloom.

Then one day he felt hungry
To the Kebab Shop he went hastily
Situated just at the corner of Queensway
From his hostel was not far away.
After placing his order he waited
That was when he was shocked
Into the shop a familiar face
Ahmad “the Kampung Boy” had surfaced.

“Hoi Kampong Boy!”, Ah Poh exclaimed,
“Hoi Cina Bukit”, Ahmad denounced
But to the surprised of every one there
They embraced each other in glee.

“What are you doing here?” Ah Poh asked,
“I am in the University” Ahmad replied.
“What about you?” Ahmad inquired,
“I’m too in the University!”, Ah Poh said.

Since that day they became closed buddy
Always together almost every day
No longer were they enemies
When they were in their secondary studies.

One Summer day, Ahmad was in Ah Poh’s room
They decided to open the widow to air the room
It was a beautiful Summer’s day
The Sun was shining with splendid rays.

Then Ahmad shouted with gay
“Hei do you know what day is today
It is the 9th of August do you remember?”
Ah Poh replied, “Sure I remember!”

Then they held each other hand
Facing the open widow, they sang
“Majulah Singapura, Majulah Singapura!”[‡]
The room was full of aura.

Then suddenly they heard voices booming
From the neighbouring houses they were coming
The voices were shouted almost together
“Shut the window, bloody Foreigners!”

[*] Degrading remark about a Chinese coming from the hill. The equivalent  of the present “Ah Beng”
[†] Degrading remark about a malay coming from the “kampong”. Kampung in the early days was a wayward malay village.
[‡] It meant, “Progress Singapore, Progress Singapore”, it is the Singapore’s National Anthem

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