Feedback: Muhammad Haziq Raheeman

Published on October 26th, 2009 — 7:08am

Keberkesanan Ilmu Marifatullah ini keatas diri saya :-
Allhamdulillah. I was given the chance and choosen by Allah SWT to get this knowledge on Makrifatullah and I’m thankful to Ustaz Hussein who have pass down this knowledge to us. The efficiency of this course/knowledge has made a great impact in my life. Making me a stronger person to overcome obstacles in life, knowing that Allah SWT will always be with me wherever I go. He will be for me whenever I need help. Humans are unable to do anything without Allah’s consent. I hope that this knowledge that I have gotten can spread to a larger group of people, maybe all around the world , so that they can share and feel the pleasure of knowing our one and only god, ALLAH SWT.

-Muhammad Haziq Raheeman, Hougang

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