Poem – 2

Published on January 18th, 2010 — 12:00am

Death bed

Today was Tomorrow,
Tomorrow is Today,
Today I have you,
But Tomorrow …??????

So let me look at your face
Till my heart is solace
Let me hear your voice
Till my sense is oblivious

Because when you are gone
These tears will not stop falling
And Loneliness is a long road
Accompanied by emptiness.

Maybe during those trying times
Memory of your countenance
The sound of your voices
May help this lonely weary soul.

I Love You!


Why do you hurt this grieving heart?
Why do you rebel against your loved ones?
Who are willing to sacrifice all!
Just to see you safe and sound.

Oh, how it pains me not to know,
How you fare from day to day,
Are you sick, are you well?
Have you had your food or not at all?

Oh, how it worries me sick
Are you safe, are you comfortable?
Does your pocket have enough for the day?
Is there enough warm in the room you stay?

That is what it means to be parents
Always worries for the children
Always concern of their wellbeing
As long they are not before their eyes.



I love you as you are
Does not matter you look queer
Your speech slur
Your gait blur

I love you as you are
Even if the Whole world does not care
Or Society looks and stares
Or the neighbourhood curses and swears

Because you are so special
Your innocence places me in heaven
Your smile put me on the pedestal
Your needs unbridle the love in me

Before when I were without you
I know not who I am,
You helped to find it for me
That is how special you are to me!


Will the World find Peace?
I am so sick of all the violence
Of all the corruptions and evils
Of all the oppression and constraints

Will the World find Peace?
I am so tired of separation
Concrete walls and barb-wires
Dictators in human form!

When can we all be one?
United as mankind
Neither nationality nor boundary
Everywhere love abounds.

To strut any where we like
Being mankind is our pride
Sharing love and prosperity
Everyone is but a Prodigy!


You stripped me of my pride,
You stripped me of my ego,
You stripped me of my prestige and dignity
I am now but an invisible man!

Being invisible, I am not visible,
Being invisible, I am not recognizable,
Being invisible, I lost my entity,
I am now just invisible.

Being invisible is like a door-mat,
Trampled unnoticeably,
Hurt unknowingly,
Demeaned aplenty.

Tears bountiful
Sorrows resourceful
Silence is constant
Invisible is forlorn.

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3 comments to “Poem – 2”

  1. Ira's mum

    Assalamualaikum.. Dearest Ust..

    Nice poems! 🙂 I love it. It will be really great, if your books and lectures are in English too.

    Salam and Take Care

    Ira’s Mum

  2. Suratman Markasan

    Assalamualaikum wr.wb.,
    Ustaz Hussien Abdul Latiff yang kami hormati,

    Walaupun bahasa Inggeris saya, barangkali tarapnya hanya sebagai bahasa ketiga; tetapi setelah membaca puisi ini, sungguh saya tersentuh
    akan isi yang ingin disampaikan ustaz. Orang-orang yang celik hatinya saja yang akan terkesan.

    Suratman Markasan

  3. Noor Ashikin Ali Shahdan

    Assalamu’alaikum Ustaz Hussein. First and foremost, I thank Allah the Almighty for showing me the right path and guidance. I am merely a person who never stop learning and seeking more knowledge. I have gone through the first few videos on Youtube, which is so clear and overwhelming. The best part was learning to perform my solat in khusyuk and wholeheartedly. How I wish I could pass this on to my kids, siblings and people around me. Allow me to quote your beautiful poems on my facebook wall. I will continue learning through your videos and In Syaa Allah would like to attend your seminars in Malaysia someday.

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