Poem – 3

Published on January 25th, 2010 — 12:00am

Son: Dad, how do one knows God is Great, Lofty and Vast?

Dad: Son, all creations including space and time put together is lesser than a particle of sand to God.

Son: Wow!


Son: Dad, can man be God?

Dad: Son, that is like saying a grain of sand of the desert is the desert. Only a blind man mistook a tail of an Elephant is the Elephant.


Son: Dad how do one be steadfast in remembering God in one’s worship?

Dad: Son, all that is required is focus. If one can be glued to the TV focussing on the World’s Cup for hours than there is no reason why can’t one be focussed during our worship of God?

Son: But Dad, how can we focus on an Invisible God whereas World’s soccer is visible?

Dad: Son, you just need to remember His Name without spelling it out and then focus at it. It is just like remembering your own name without spelling it out and then focus at it.

Son: But Dad, why can’t we spelt His Name and focus at it.

Dad: In that case son, your God is the Letter(s) of the word you remember as God because God should be remembered without form and without shape. Nothing is similar to Him.


Son: Dad, how do one explain that God exists to someone who does not believe He exists?

Dad: Son, if you enter into a small Garden and you see all the flower plants were arranged in a beautiful way which enhances the beauty of the Garden. In addition, all the plants are pruned to a particular height which made them very attractive, do you believe there is a Gardener attending to them.

Son: Of course dad, it goes without saying!

Dad: Then it goes without saying when one sees the uniformity of the features of mankind, animals, trees, fishes, reptiles and others and each produce its own kind, there must be a God attending to it.

Son: But Dad, if he still refuses to believe?

Dad: Son, in that case he is “blind”. As I said before, “How can a ‘blind’ man see God when even the Sun he can’t see it?” So leave him alone “blind”.


Son: Dad, is it true that in everything which God created there is merit in it?

Dad: If not, then how can He be The All-Knowing and The All-Wise?

Son: But Dad, are you saying that in all the calamities occurring in this world claiming thousands of lives there are merits?

Dad: Yes there are merits, but as we are not as smart as God we could not discern the merits. I am very sure in the years to come, it may not even be in our time, the merits will be apparent.


Son: Dad, can supplication change once destiny?

Dad: Son, even the supplication itself is preordained so how can it change one’s destiny?

Son: When was it preordained, Dad?

Dad: At the time when the command, “Be!” was given.


Son: Dad, when God commanded, “Do not curse Time because I am Time!” does that mean we have to worship Time?

Dad: Son, what God meant by commanding as such is that a minuscule of His Essence manifested as Time. Similarly, when He commanded, “It is not you (Muhammad) who threw but it is I”. It does not mean that Muhammad is God but that a minuscule of His Essence manifested as Muhammad hence God commanded that He was the One who threw. Such being the case, you must not worship a minuscule of His Essence but worship Him.


Son: Dad, is it difficult to know God?

Dad: Son, as God cannot be seen by our two eyes what you need in order to know Him is an inner eye.


Son: Dad, why must we love all God’s creations?

Dad; Son, His Essence is in each and every one of His creations. So if you want Him to love you then you must love His creations.


Son: Dad, must we plan if we are to be successful in life?

Dad: Son, your plan and whether you are successful or not are preordained. Life is just like a car and predestination is the road; the car can only move if there is a road ahead. Let me explain to you further:

1. In order to plan, among other things, you must already be born; you are alive, not in coma, not mentally incapacitated and not an infant. All these factors are beyond our control.

2. The plan, among other things, it can be implemented and not constraint by human elements or factors (manpower, skills, corruption, crimes etc), money, government policies and intervention, war and nature (earthquakes, tsunami etc) and law. All these factors are beyond our control too.

3. Successful or not successful is, among other things, the result of the integration of all the above factors.

4. The factor of chance such as your plan was made, among other things, at the right time and at the right place. These factors too are beyond our control.

Son, the only power which can galvanise all the above factors (there can be more) into one and bring success to us is The Almighty God. Hence he had commanded to the effect:

He doth regulate all affairs[1]

Truly, the Command is with Allah in all things! [2]

They said: “What affair is this of ours?” Say thou: “Indeed, this affair is wholly Allah’s.” [3]

Nor does He share His Command with any person whatsoever.[4]

Not for thee, (but for Allah), is the decision. [5]

Surely that is easy to Allah.[6]

Never be then of those who doubt. [7]

So son, do you see now that mankind does not have the power that God has, to regulate their affairs which are inherently very complicated and intertwined with other factors and elements which may be or may be not tangible.


Son: Dad, if all are preordained, are our thoughts and memories too preordained?

Dad: Yes son, they too are preordained. Our mind is just like a computer receiving inputs before it can work. Every morning when we woke up, our mind is empty then the preordained thoughts or memories came streaming in. Thence, the mind starts working or “thinking” or “reminiscing”.


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