Poem – 4

Published on February 1st, 2010 — 12:00am


These Words are but Tears
Tears in melancholy
Tears in solitude
Tears in sufferance

Subtle Tears
Dripping in the Heart
Heart bled
Ruptured beyond words.

A walking Form
Eyes hollow
Heart ceases
Yet Tears dripping

Dripping Tears
Led to rest
Kept in a box
Buried !

Worm in the cocoon

Could not see
But there are the eyes?
Yet could not see
Did not want to see!

Could not understand
But there is the mind?
Yet could not understand
Did not want to understand!

Too painful to see
Too horrific to understand
Eyes shut!
Mind shuts!

Worm in a cocoon
Fear to venture out
Eyes refuse to see
Mind refuses to understand.

Eyes & Heart

Eyes, blind?
Heart, demise?

Eyes, blind?
Heart, demise?

Eyes, blind?
Heart, demise?

Eyes, blind?
Heart, demise?
Dig them out!
You don’t need them anymore!


Hahaha!… Laughter
Empty Laughter
Having no meaning
Just an echo.

Laughter of the dying
Looking at Death
Laughter of the Poor,
Not a single hope left

Still Laughter?
No feeling?
Not seeing?
Hollow within?

Not to bother
Empty Heart!
Sightless Eyes!
Zombies walking!

On Bended Knees

Where do I begin to tell her?
How much I love her
How much I care and miss her
Not a moment passes but I yearn for her.

After so much hurt I had done
After all the pains I had inflicted
All the senseless words and conducts
Bend in hurting her more and more

Now she is gone
God really loves her
Now my senses came back to me
My humane feelings are here now with me

Oh God, on bended knees beside her grave
I pray to Thee, please tell me,
How can I tell her I am so remorseful!
How can I tell her I love her so!

God please helps me (sobs)!!!

Cleopatra mummified!

Because she is soft and gentle
You hurt her more and more
Because she is sweet and loving
You seem did not care and bother.

Is she invisible to you?
Being invisible no feeling too?
Because she did not cry
You hurt her more and more?

But did you see her heart
Ruptured beyond repair,
Did you sees that eyes
Melancholy beyond describe.

What you see now
Just a Zombie
Lost all interest in life
Cleopatra mummified!

No thanks to you!!!

Parting Legacy

This heart is petrified
This mind incapacitated
These eyes are horrified
This feeling inside is numbed

What had happened to mankind?
Is there no such thing as love anymore?
Is there no more decency?
Neither politeness nor courtesy?

No respect for life and property!
No respect for the disabled and the olds!
No respect for the weak and human rights!
Governance is more for self interests.

Where are we going?
What are we doing?
Is this our parting legacy?
For the next generation to be?

This Patient is seriously ill

This Patient is seriously ill!
Sick without medicine
Body wrecked with bullet holes
Weak without sustenance.

This Patient is seriously ill!
Ill from drug taking
Ill from filthy environment
Ill from sly trading.

This Patient is seriously ill!
Coming from broken homes
Coming from sinister background
Coming from State Governments

This Patient is seriously ill!
What is his name?
His name is, “W O R L D”
Is there a Doctor available???

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1 comment to “Poem – 4”

  1. Darnesha

    It’s a relief to find sooenme who can explain things so well

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