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Poem – 7

March 2nd, 2010 — 5:29am


From generation to generation
We took His water
Gallon and gallon nonstop
From reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

From generation to generation
We took His animals, birds and fishes
From the jungles, skies and seas
For our insatiable craze for food.

From generation to generation
We took His herbs, fruits and vegetation
At the forests floors or Hills slopes
To supplement the food we partake.

All for free without question ask
Should not we be grateful?
Let there be a World’s Public Holiday
To thank God for all His sustenance!


His rivers, His seas and His Oceans
He is the sole Owner
Sharing His ownership with no one
And we killed one another in vain to own them.

His lands whether countries or islands
He is the sole Owner
Sharing His ownership with no one
And we killed one another in vain to own them.

His skies including that in the outer space
He is the sole Owner
Sharing His ownership with no one
And we killed one another in vain to own them.

Are we shameless without dignity?
Claiming ownership when none exist
Instead of sharing we kill one another
Committing atrocities when He is benevolent.


Throughout the History of Mankind
There were always that killing sprees
Whether in war, fights or melees
Millions may have died because of this.

Throughout the History of Mankind
There was always that insatiable greed
Whether in minerals, ownerships and others
Millions may have died because of this.

Throughout the History of Mankind
There was always that hatred and spiteful feelings
Due to jealousy, inheritance, parental loves and others
Millions may have died because of this.

All these events unfurled before Him
Yet He punishes none
Because His Mercy precedes His Anger
Mankind should take this generosity and REPENT!

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Poem – 5

February 19th, 2010 — 11:15pm

Son:              Dad, Imam Ghazali had said that if one knows one’s self then one knows that one do not exist.

Dad:               Son, that was what he said. To me, all creations, intangible or not, is just like an animation movie on one compact disc (cd) in God’s possession and He may have aplenty to choose from if He wants to. Hence He had commanded to the effect:

They will dwell therein (Hell) for all the time that the heavens and the earth endure, except as thy Lord willeth: for thy Lord is the (sure) Accomplisher of what He planneth.[1]

And those who are blessed shall be in the Garden: they will dwell therein for all the time that the heavens and the earth endure, except as thy Lord willeth: a gift without break.[2]

O ye who believe! if any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He will love as they will love Him,? lowly with the Believers, mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the Way of Allah, and never afraid of the reproaches of such as find fault. That is the Grace of Allah, which He will bestow on whom He pleaseth: and Allah encompasseth all and He knoweth all things.[3]

Seest thou not that Allah created the heavens and the earth in Truth? If He so will, He can remove you and put (in your place) a new Creation? [4]


Son: Dad, with all the calamity throughout the world and victims reaching to hundreds of thousands, some are reconsidering the Benevolence of God. What have you to say, Dad?

Dad: Son, as I said earlier, all creations, intangible or not, is just like an animation movie on one compact disc (cd) in God’s possession and He has, I believe, a plenty of them. When you watch a movie on a cd, whatsoever happening is in the movie on the aforesaid cd, so Son, what is the big deal?

Say: Then Allah’s is the conclusive argument; so if He please, He would certainly guide you all.[5]

Son: But why is it an animation movie?

Dad: Son, the cd is, in the view of the inner eyes, is His Essence and so is the movie. Thus it is His Essence in animation. Hence He commanded to the effect:

I am The Manifest and The Hidden.[6]

What is the life of this world but play and amusement?[7]


Son: Dad, must we accept Predestination without question?

Dad: Son, we have to accept Predestination without question for the following reasons:

1.   It is the 6th tenet of Islamic Faith as taught by God to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] through Angel Gabriel.[8] Once it became an Islamic tenet divinely created, it cannot be changed. Such being the case, every Muslim have to accept it without much ado.

2.   By accepting Predestination, we also accept that God is All-Wise because He had promulgated that nothing is amissed in His Divine Plan including in our Predestination.

Nothing have We omitted from the Book, and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end. [9]

3.   Unless we accept His Predestination, He will not increase our knowledge since we doubt His Greatness.

Allah is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom. [10]

And We created not the heaven and the earth and all that is between them in vain.[11]

We created not the heavens and the earth and all between them but for just ends.[12]

His are the most exalted attributes in the heavens and the earth, and He is the Mighty, the Wise.[13]

Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves.[14]

Never be then of those who doubt. [15]

Those are the ones whom Allah has guided, and those are the ones endued with understanding. [16]

Say: “Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know? It is those who are endued with understanding that receive admonition.” [17]

Allah will rise up, to (suitable) ranks (and degrees), those of you who believe and who have been granted Knowledge. [18]

A parable, if you are a trainee in an Architect Firm but you expressed your doubt at the Architect’s ability, it goes without saying that he will never teach you anything.

4.   Without predestination, our features such our nose, ears, mouth, eyes and others as well as our voices, hearing, sight, smell and others may move all over our body. Such being the case, we may wake up one morning and found our mouth at the place of our nose, our eyes at the place of our ears. To aggravate this situation, our voice is at the place of the one of the eyes hence we have to speak through our eye; our smell is at the other eye hence we have to use it for smelling; our hearing is at our nose hence we have to use our nose to hear and our sight is at our ear so we have to see through our ear.

Can you imagine son, the chaos it can cause if there is no predestination?

Son:              Yes, dad.

Dad:              So son, be thankful and not ungrateful  to The Almighty for Predestination.


Son: Dad, is it true that God did not sleep?

Dad: Son, if He is asleep even for a single moment, the whole existence and its system will be in topsy turvy.

Son: Why, Dad?

Dad: Because His Essence is The manifest and The Hidden of all creations including space and time. Hence He commanded to the effect:

Allah! there is no Allah but He?the living, the Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize him nor sleep.[19]

[1] Hud (11):107- Note the phrase “except as thy Lord willeth”. The idea of a cd came from here.

[2] Hud (11):108 – – Note the phrase “except as thy Lord willeth”. The idea of a cd came from here.

[3] Al Baqarah (2):54

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Poem – 6

February 15th, 2010 — 9:20pm

Just a mere Spectator

I am seeing with my eyes
I am feeling with my heart
But I cannot move
I am paralysed.

With my eyes I shed tears
With my heart I bled silently
But I could only do just that
I am paralysed.

So injustice prevails
So atrocities continue
I see and I feel
But I am paralysed.

What can I do?
I am paralysed
Just a mere Spectator
To the World’s Show.

Break free!

I want to break free
From the bond
Binding me and
My liberty!

I want to break free
From the bond
Binding me
In poverty!

I want to break free
From the bond
Binding me
From peace and harmony!

I want to break free
From the bond
Binding me and
All my friends out there with me!


Infants cry
Pure tears fall
Due to fear, hunger
Sickness and loneliness.

Teenagers cry
Pure tears fall
Due to love, discrimination
And lack of wants!

Men and women cry
Pure tears fall
Due to lost of loved ones
And in calamities and destruction!

Mankind cries
Blood oozes from the eyes,
For oppression, killings,
Injustice and starvation!

A beautiful World of memory

A fleeting memory
A beautiful fleeting memory
A World of Wonders
Fill with love and tranquillity.

Whenever I am down
Into the World of beautiful memory
I shall flee
To respite in its soothing bosom.

Whenever I am troubled
Into the World of beautiful memory
I shall lay
Breathing its intoxicating balm.

Oh beautiful memory!
You are a real wonder
Giving back zest to life
Of an old wearied Traveller.


Why do you cry little ones?

Why do you cry little ones?
I cry for my mommy!
Why do you cry little ones?
I cry for my Daddy!

Why do you cry little ones?
I cry for my sister!
Why do you cry little ones?
I cry for my brother?

Why do you cry little ones?
I cry for all my relatives!
Why do you cry little ones?
I cry for all my friends and their families!

What happened to them little ones?
One night people with rifles and guns came
They took them out in the middle of the night
A year had passed and they have not come home!

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Poem – 4

February 1st, 2010 — 12:00am


These Words are but Tears
Tears in melancholy
Tears in solitude
Tears in sufferance

Subtle Tears
Dripping in the Heart
Heart bled
Ruptured beyond words.

A walking Form
Eyes hollow
Heart ceases
Yet Tears dripping

Dripping Tears
Led to rest
Kept in a box
Buried !

Worm in the cocoon

Could not see
But there are the eyes?
Yet could not see
Did not want to see!

Could not understand
But there is the mind?
Yet could not understand
Did not want to understand!

Too painful to see
Too horrific to understand
Eyes shut!
Mind shuts!

Worm in a cocoon
Fear to venture out
Eyes refuse to see
Mind refuses to understand.

Eyes & Heart

Eyes, blind?
Heart, demise?

Eyes, blind?
Heart, demise?

Eyes, blind?
Heart, demise?

Eyes, blind?
Heart, demise?
Dig them out!
You don’t need them anymore!


Hahaha!… Laughter
Empty Laughter
Having no meaning
Just an echo.

Laughter of the dying
Looking at Death
Laughter of the Poor,
Not a single hope left

Still Laughter?
No feeling?
Not seeing?
Hollow within?

Not to bother
Empty Heart!
Sightless Eyes!
Zombies walking!

On Bended Knees

Where do I begin to tell her?
How much I love her
How much I care and miss her
Not a moment passes but I yearn for her.

After so much hurt I had done
After all the pains I had inflicted
All the senseless words and conducts
Bend in hurting her more and more

Now she is gone
God really loves her
Now my senses came back to me
My humane feelings are here now with me

Oh God, on bended knees beside her grave
I pray to Thee, please tell me,
How can I tell her I am so remorseful!
How can I tell her I love her so!

God please helps me (sobs)!!!

Cleopatra mummified!

Because she is soft and gentle
You hurt her more and more
Because she is sweet and loving
You seem did not care and bother.

Is she invisible to you?
Being invisible no feeling too?
Because she did not cry
You hurt her more and more?

But did you see her heart
Ruptured beyond repair,
Did you sees that eyes
Melancholy beyond describe.

What you see now
Just a Zombie
Lost all interest in life
Cleopatra mummified!

No thanks to you!!!

Parting Legacy

This heart is petrified
This mind incapacitated
These eyes are horrified
This feeling inside is numbed

What had happened to mankind?
Is there no such thing as love anymore?
Is there no more decency?
Neither politeness nor courtesy?

No respect for life and property!
No respect for the disabled and the olds!
No respect for the weak and human rights!
Governance is more for self interests.

Where are we going?
What are we doing?
Is this our parting legacy?
For the next generation to be?

This Patient is seriously ill

This Patient is seriously ill!
Sick without medicine
Body wrecked with bullet holes
Weak without sustenance.

This Patient is seriously ill!
Ill from drug taking
Ill from filthy environment
Ill from sly trading.

This Patient is seriously ill!
Coming from broken homes
Coming from sinister background
Coming from State Governments

This Patient is seriously ill!
What is his name?
His name is, “W O R L D”
Is there a Doctor available???

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Poem – 3

January 25th, 2010 — 12:00am

Son: Dad, how do one knows God is Great, Lofty and Vast?

Dad: Son, all creations including space and time put together is lesser than a particle of sand to God.

Son: Wow!


Son: Dad, can man be God?

Dad: Son, that is like saying a grain of sand of the desert is the desert. Only a blind man mistook a tail of an Elephant is the Elephant.


Son: Dad how do one be steadfast in remembering God in one’s worship?

Dad: Son, all that is required is focus. If one can be glued to the TV focussing on the World’s Cup for hours than there is no reason why can’t one be focussed during our worship of God?

Son: But Dad, how can we focus on an Invisible God whereas World’s soccer is visible?

Dad: Son, you just need to remember His Name without spelling it out and then focus at it. It is just like remembering your own name without spelling it out and then focus at it.

Son: But Dad, why can’t we spelt His Name and focus at it.

Dad: In that case son, your God is the Letter(s) of the word you remember as God because God should be remembered without form and without shape. Nothing is similar to Him.


Son: Dad, how do one explain that God exists to someone who does not believe He exists?

Dad: Son, if you enter into a small Garden and you see all the flower plants were arranged in a beautiful way which enhances the beauty of the Garden. In addition, all the plants are pruned to a particular height which made them very attractive, do you believe there is a Gardener attending to them.

Son: Of course dad, it goes without saying!

Dad: Then it goes without saying when one sees the uniformity of the features of mankind, animals, trees, fishes, reptiles and others and each produce its own kind, there must be a God attending to it.

Son: But Dad, if he still refuses to believe?

Dad: Son, in that case he is “blind”. As I said before, “How can a ‘blind’ man see God when even the Sun he can’t see it?” So leave him alone “blind”.


Son: Dad, is it true that in everything which God created there is merit in it?

Dad: If not, then how can He be The All-Knowing and The All-Wise?

Son: But Dad, are you saying that in all the calamities occurring in this world claiming thousands of lives there are merits?

Dad: Yes there are merits, but as we are not as smart as God we could not discern the merits. I am very sure in the years to come, it may not even be in our time, the merits will be apparent.


Son: Dad, can supplication change once destiny?

Dad: Son, even the supplication itself is preordained so how can it change one’s destiny?

Son: When was it preordained, Dad?

Dad: At the time when the command, “Be!” was given.


Son: Dad, when God commanded, “Do not curse Time because I am Time!” does that mean we have to worship Time?

Dad: Son, what God meant by commanding as such is that a minuscule of His Essence manifested as Time. Similarly, when He commanded, “It is not you (Muhammad) who threw but it is I”. It does not mean that Muhammad is God but that a minuscule of His Essence manifested as Muhammad hence God commanded that He was the One who threw. Such being the case, you must not worship a minuscule of His Essence but worship Him.


Son: Dad, is it difficult to know God?

Dad: Son, as God cannot be seen by our two eyes what you need in order to know Him is an inner eye.


Son: Dad, why must we love all God’s creations?

Dad; Son, His Essence is in each and every one of His creations. So if you want Him to love you then you must love His creations.


Son: Dad, must we plan if we are to be successful in life?

Dad: Son, your plan and whether you are successful or not are preordained. Life is just like a car and predestination is the road; the car can only move if there is a road ahead. Let me explain to you further:

1. In order to plan, among other things, you must already be born; you are alive, not in coma, not mentally incapacitated and not an infant. All these factors are beyond our control.

2. The plan, among other things, it can be implemented and not constraint by human elements or factors (manpower, skills, corruption, crimes etc), money, government policies and intervention, war and nature (earthquakes, tsunami etc) and law. All these factors are beyond our control too.

3. Successful or not successful is, among other things, the result of the integration of all the above factors.

4. The factor of chance such as your plan was made, among other things, at the right time and at the right place. These factors too are beyond our control.

Son, the only power which can galvanise all the above factors (there can be more) into one and bring success to us is The Almighty God. Hence he had commanded to the effect:

He doth regulate all affairs[1]

Truly, the Command is with Allah in all things! [2]

They said: “What affair is this of ours?” Say thou: “Indeed, this affair is wholly Allah’s.” [3]

Nor does He share His Command with any person whatsoever.[4]

Not for thee, (but for Allah), is the decision. [5]

Surely that is easy to Allah.[6]

Never be then of those who doubt. [7]

So son, do you see now that mankind does not have the power that God has, to regulate their affairs which are inherently very complicated and intertwined with other factors and elements which may be or may be not tangible.


Son: Dad, if all are preordained, are our thoughts and memories too preordained?

Dad: Yes son, they too are preordained. Our mind is just like a computer receiving inputs before it can work. Every morning when we woke up, our mind is empty then the preordained thoughts or memories came streaming in. Thence, the mind starts working or “thinking” or “reminiscing”.


[1] Ar Ra’d (13):2

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[3] Ali Imran (3):154.

[4] Al Kahfi (18):26

[5] Ali Imran (3):128; Al Maidah (5):128.

[6] Al Hadid (57):22

[7] Al An’aam (6):114.

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Poem – 2

January 18th, 2010 — 12:00am

Death bed

Today was Tomorrow,
Tomorrow is Today,
Today I have you,
But Tomorrow …??????

So let me look at your face
Till my heart is solace
Let me hear your voice
Till my sense is oblivious

Because when you are gone
These tears will not stop falling
And Loneliness is a long road
Accompanied by emptiness.

Maybe during those trying times
Memory of your countenance
The sound of your voices
May help this lonely weary soul.

I Love You!


Why do you hurt this grieving heart?
Why do you rebel against your loved ones?
Who are willing to sacrifice all!
Just to see you safe and sound.

Oh, how it pains me not to know,
How you fare from day to day,
Are you sick, are you well?
Have you had your food or not at all?

Oh, how it worries me sick
Are you safe, are you comfortable?
Does your pocket have enough for the day?
Is there enough warm in the room you stay?

That is what it means to be parents
Always worries for the children
Always concern of their wellbeing
As long they are not before their eyes.



I love you as you are
Does not matter you look queer
Your speech slur
Your gait blur

I love you as you are
Even if the Whole world does not care
Or Society looks and stares
Or the neighbourhood curses and swears

Because you are so special
Your innocence places me in heaven
Your smile put me on the pedestal
Your needs unbridle the love in me

Before when I were without you
I know not who I am,
You helped to find it for me
That is how special you are to me!


Will the World find Peace?
I am so sick of all the violence
Of all the corruptions and evils
Of all the oppression and constraints

Will the World find Peace?
I am so tired of separation
Concrete walls and barb-wires
Dictators in human form!

When can we all be one?
United as mankind
Neither nationality nor boundary
Everywhere love abounds.

To strut any where we like
Being mankind is our pride
Sharing love and prosperity
Everyone is but a Prodigy!


You stripped me of my pride,
You stripped me of my ego,
You stripped me of my prestige and dignity
I am now but an invisible man!

Being invisible, I am not visible,
Being invisible, I am not recognizable,
Being invisible, I lost my entity,
I am now just invisible.

Being invisible is like a door-mat,
Trampled unnoticeably,
Hurt unknowingly,
Demeaned aplenty.

Tears bountiful
Sorrows resourceful
Silence is constant
Invisible is forlorn.

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Poem – 1

January 12th, 2010 — 7:41am

Dad, why I cannot see Allah if He is Great, Vast and
Lofty and yet I can see the mountain and the sky?

Son, how can a “blind” man see Allah when even the Sun
he cannot see.


Dad, how is Allah All- Seeing, All- Hearing and All-

Son, if the bottle in my hand now can see and hear, do
you agree that it surely knows what we are doing now?

I agree, Dad.

Son, if this type of bottle is present in every place then do
you agree that it can therefore see, hear and know what is
going on at those places.

I agree, Dad.

Son, Allah’s Essence is All Encompassing hence He is
All -Seeing, Hearing and Knowing.


Bird – Why are you crying Snowman when earlier on I saw you

Snowman – I was laughing earlier on when I saw the ice on the lake
melted as it shows that Spring is here but now I realised
I am also ice and that is why I am crying.


Patient – Doc. I am really scared about the operation tomorrow
because if it failed then I will die.

Doctor – Do you ever been afraid that the Sun will not rise

Patient – I have never been afraid, Doc.

Doctor – Do you also agree that whether you like it or not the Sun
will still rise tomorrow?

Patient – Agree, Doc.

Doctor – So whether you like it or not the operation tomorrow will
either be, a success or failure. You have to accept it as you
accept the Sun is rising tomorrow. You have no control over
it. Once you have accepted this fact, then there is nothing to
be afraid. This is called “Predestination”.


Dad, what is Predestination?

Son, whatsoever you saw before and whatsoever you see
now and whatsoever you will see in the future is


Dad, can Predestination be changed?

Son, if Predestination can be changed it will cause
a lot of confusion to the extent that a Goat gives
birth to an Elephant.

Son – Poor Goat!

Dad – Son, you don’t pity the Goat, you send condolences!


Dad, how to trust God wholeheartedly?

Son, do you know that the tree in front of our house
is almost 100 years old.

Yes, Dad. Grandpa once told me about it.

Son, have you ever seen it moving in search of food?

No, Dad.

And that is son, an example of trust of The Almighty


Dad, how can we be totally subservient to God?

Son, have you ever seen the Sun and the Moon taking

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December 29th, 2009 — 5:45am


Sesudah kamu mengenaliNya
Kamu sedar kewujudanmu tiada
Kamu terima qadha dan qadarNya
Yang tinggal, ibadah untuk dilaksana. [188]

Allah ada berfirman di dalam al Quran
Jin dan manusia diciptakan
Hanya untuk beribadah kepada Tuhan[189]
Tuhan yang Satu, tiada tandingan. [190]

Untuk beribadah kepadaNya
Hendaklah balik ke SyariahNya[191]
Yang diturunkan kepada RasulNya
Muhammad, Nabi yang mulia. [192]

Rasulullah ada bersabda
Baginda ada tinggalkan dua perkara
Kalau dipegang tidak akan sesat kita
Al Quran dan As Sunnahnya. [193]

Maka berpeganglah kita semua
Al Quran dan As Sunnah baginda
Tolak pembaruan menyesatkan kita
Semoga kita selamat di hari muka. [194]

Ingatlah juga, wahai teman
Agama Islam sudah disempurnakan[195]
Hanya agama ini diterima Tuhan[196]
Hendaklah kita Islam bila kewafatan. [197]

Jalankan sembahyang yang diperintahNya
Ingatlah Allah semasa menjalankannya[198]
Jalankan yang fardu dan sunat bersama[199]
Untuk mendapat keredhaanNya. [200]

Shalatlah diwaktu malam, wahai teman
Sepertiga, seperdua atau berlebihan[201]
Seperti Muhammad nabi junjungan
Serta para sahabat handalan.

Rasulullah shalat luka telapah kaki
Kerana ingin menjadi hamba Ilahi[202]
Maka kita umat baginda terkini
Hendaklah bershalat sesungguh hati.

Rasulullah dan sahabat baginda
Puasa sunat banyak dibuatnya
Kadangkali kelaparan tidak terhingga
Namun puasa tetap diteruskannya.

Ikut puasa nabi Daud, nabi berkata[203]
Namun baginda juga ada berkata
Untuk Ilahi, sehari kita berpuasa
70 tahun dijauhkan kita dari neraka.[204]

Ganjaran yang berpuasa di hari kemudian
Allah sendiri akan memberi balasan[205]
Untuk mereka ada pintu syurga dikhaskan
Yang dipanggil “Ar Rayyan.”[206]

Selain zakat dan firtrah
Hendaklah banyak bersedekah
Seperti ditunjuki Rasulullah[207]
Serta Abu Bakar, seorang sahabah.[208]

Hendaklah hidup bersederhana
Berzuhudlah jangan berpoya-poya
Rasulullah menjadi contoh kita[209]
Juga para sahabat yang setia. [210]

Berbanyaklah membaca Al Quran
Rasulullah, Abu Bakar dan Osman[211]
Juga para sahabat yang beriman
Sentiasa membaca Al Quran. [212]

Selepas sembahyang ingatkan Tuhan
Semasa duduk, diri dan berbaringan[213]
Juga dalam kesibukan pekerjaan,[214]
Disisi Allah, ini adalah besar amalan.[215]

Sebenar-benar takutkan Tuhan
Kerana Rasulullah ada mengatakan
Baginda lebih mengenali Tuhan
Takut baginda melebihi kita sekalian. [216]

Para sahabat bila mengimbaskan
Kesiksaan di hari kemudian
Menangis dan bergentaran
Takut sungguh kepada Tuhan. [217]

Berpeganglah kepada Syariah
Ada berkata Rasulullah
Kalau pencuri itu adalah Fatimah
Hukum Hudud masih dipertengah. [218]

Begitu kuat pegangan baginda
Kepada Syariah tidak dilepasnya
Begitu para Sahabat semua
Syariah asas kehidupan mereka.[219]

Maka berpegang teguh kepada Syairah
Ikut contoh Rasulullah dan Sahabah
Kerana Syariah diturunkan Allah
Kepada setiap nabi serta Rasulullah. [220]


Teruskan ibadah seperti Harithah
Siang berpuasa malam ibadah
Sehingga seolah dia melihat aras Allah
Maka disuruh Rasulullah beristiqamah.[221]

Teruskan ibadah seperti para sahabah
Serta menerima segala ujian dengan tabah
Sentiasa beribadah dengan istiqamah[222]
Sehingga menjadi orang-orang Allah[223]

Dalam ibadah berpegang kepada Syariah[224]
Serta dibantu dengan Makrifatullah[225]
Teruskan ini dengan amanah
Semoga menerima keredhaan Allah.

Jagalah KeagunganNya
serta KesempurnaanNya
BeriNya penghormatan sentiasa
Jangan pertikaikan KebijaksanaNya .

Menyerah penuh kepadaNya
Serta berpasrah setiap masa
Haqqul yakin KekuasaanNya
Dan juga KebesaranNya.

Lihat kepada pokok tua
Berdiri setempat begitu lama
Tidak begerak mencari rezkinya
Menyerah penuh kepada Tuhannya.

Terimalah takdirNya dengan redha
Jangan bersungut jangan mengata
Ada mata lihat, ada telinga dengar sahaja
Ada mulut tutup, jangan terlepas kata.

Lihat kepada ternakan lembu
Dipelihara diberi makan selalu
Anaknya disembelih satu persatu
Takdir diterima mulut membisu.

Redha dengan seiklasnya
Kerana semua Dia empunya
Diri kita juga daripada DzatNya
Kita hanya pengamanah sahaja.

Lihat kepada Lilin bercahaya
Menerangi hidup ciptaan semua
Akhir, membakar dirinya juga
Namun redha kepada takdirnya

Ingat Iblis dengan kesombonganya
Tidak mahu menerima manusia
Menjadi khalifah Tuhan Yang Esa
Maka terkeluar dia dari Syurga. [226]

Ingat Abu Lahab dan isteri
Tidak menerima Muhammad nabi
Di Surah “Al Lahab” atau “Gelojak Api”
Ditulis neraka tempat mereka ini.[227]

Ingat orang yang menyoal Ilahi
Bolehkah dihidupkan yang sudah mati
100 tahun dimatikan mereka ini
Selepas itu dihidupkan kembali.[228]

Berpasrahlah kepada Yang Maha Esa
Seperti Ibu kepada Nabi Musa,
Ke sungai dilepaskan anaknya
Akhirnya diketemukan semula.[229]

Menyerah penuh kepada Ilahi
Seperti Habil yang boleh dicontohi
Hendak dibunuh oleh adiknya sendiri
Namun berserah penuh kepada Ilahi.[230]

Istiqamahlah, istiqamahlah!
Dalam kesemua ibadah
Dalam menjaga Kesempurnaan Allah
Serta pegang erat kepada tali Allah.[231]


Sesudah mencapai Makrifatullah
Hendaklah anda berjuang untuk Allah
Menjaga KebesaranNya dengan tabah
Sehingga menjadi orang-orang Allah.[232]

Inilah makam anda
Mengkhususkan hidup dan mati anda
Hanya untukNya
Untuk diperlakukan apa Dia suka. [233]

Makam “Abdal” dinamakan
Syeikh Al Jilani ada katakan
Maksudnya ialah “Pertukaran”
Anda kini boneka Tuhan. [234]

Anda diperhiaskan dengan ilmuNya
Dikongsikan juga rahsia-rahsiaNya [235]
Anda akan diuruskanNya
Siapsedia menjalankan kerjaNya

Kepada Khidir boleh dicontohi
Ilmu dan rahsia Ilahi dia perolehi
Yang Musa tidak memiliki
Akhir, Musa terpaksa tinggalnya pergi. [236]

Mari kita lihat contoh perjuangan ini
Oleh nabi-nabi dan wali-wali
Sehingga mereka disayangi
Serta mendapat keredhaan Ilahi. [237]

Nabi Muhammad telah dinasihatkan
Pendakwahan jangan diteruskan
Oleh ketua Quraish menyampaikan
Menerusi Mutalib datuk kesayangan.

Rasulullah lalu menjawabnya
Walau bulan diletak di tangan kirinya
Ditangan kanan diletak matahari pula
Pendakwahan baginda berhenti tiada. [238]

Diatas makam ini baginda berdiri
Bersabung nyawa setiap hari
Memperjuangkan Pendakwahan suci
Untuk menjadikan Islam agama terkini

Begitu juga sahabat baginda
Berdiri bersama-samanya
Memperjuangkan Islam agama
Sehingga Islam diterima kaumnya.

Maka Allah berfirman maksudnya
Mereka yang pertama masuk ke syurga
Di dalam surah At Taubah ada tertera
Di dalam Al Quran, kitab yang mulia. [239]

Maka hendaklah kita mengikuti mereka
Kerana Allah ada berkata
Sesiapa yang mengikuti mereka
Dimasukkan ke syurga bersama mereka! [240]

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November 27th, 2009 — 3:21am


Pertama hendaklah anda mendapati
Pengetua Tariqat yang dicari
Mursyid atau Syeikh nama diberi[33]
Untuk menjadi murid di jalan ini.

Hendaklah periksa salasilah Pengetua
Mengesahkan dari mana datang ilmunya
Nama kesemua guru-gurunya
Berakhir kepada Nabi junjungan kita. [34]

Sesudah itu berbaiatlah dengan dia
Berjanji setia kepadanya[35]
Lalu diberinya kepada anda
Zikrullah untuk diamalkan sentiasa. [36]

Permulaan Zikrullah lisan diamali
Dari situ Zikir Qalb berganti
Akhir Zikir sirr diperolehi[37]
Sampai saat diam dan menanti.

Maka sabarlah anda menunggu
Sehingga turun ilham dari Tuhanmu
Pintu makrifat dibuka untukmu[38]
Pengenalan mendadak datang kepadamu. [39]

Sesudah Makrifatullah kamu mendapat
Maka pengajian kamu sudah pun tamat
Kepadamu ijazah dinobat
Salasilah dan Khirqah bersama disemat. [40]

Selepas ini majlis perpisahan diadakan
“Talqin” majlis ini dinamakan
Mursyid memberi beberapa pesanan
Sebelum kamu dilepaskan. [41] 

B.              JALAN NABI-NABI

Jalan Nabi-nabi tidak berinstitusi
Arif Billah, Pengetua Jalan ini[42]
Amat sukar dicari atau dikenali
Jarum peniti di dalam beras berguni

Sesudah anda bersua dengannya
Maka dengarlah syarahannya[43]
Pintu Makrifat dibukakannya
Makrifatullah dicapai serta merta[44]

Sesudah itu rahsia ilahi diajarkan
Peranan Loh Mahfuz dipamerkan[45]
Berkesinambungan dengan Dzat Tuhan
Takdir kini anda terima keseluruhan.[46]  

Inilah Islam maksud pengertian
Menerima sepenuh ketetapan Tuhan[47]
Menyerah diri dengan keseluruhan[48]
Tabah mengalami segala ujian. [49]

Kerana tabah menghadapi dugaan
Anda kini diredhai Tuhan
Dalam jemaahNya anda dimasukkan[50]
Orang-orang Allah nama diberikan.

Kini yang tinggal bagi anda
Beribadah kepada Tuhan Yang Esa[51]
Mengikuti segala SyariahNya
Diturunkan kepada Nabi junjungan kita. [52]

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November 16th, 2009 — 7:28am


Allah yang ada pada permulaan
Tidak ada apapun bersama Tuhan[1]
Apabila “Kun” Dia berfirman
Maka terjadilah kesemua ciptaan.[2]

Dikumpulkan roh kesemuanya
Kepada roh dikenalkan DiriNya
Ikrar mereka semua diambilNya
Pengenalan sudah mereka terima.[3]

Supaya manusia tidak mengata
Mereka tidak menyembahNya
Kerana tidak mengenaliNya[4]
Atau ikut agama moyang mereka.[5]

Ketika manusia akan dilahirkan
Roh yang sudah mengenali Tuhan
Dimasukkan ke dalam badan
Beragama Islam mereka dilahirkan.[6]

Apabila dilahirkan sahaja
Menangis bayi tidak terkira
Nabi Muhammad ada bersabda
Mereka diganggu syaitan durjana.[7]

Syaitan mulai menganggu manusia,
Semenjak manusia lahir di dunia
Kerana mereka menuduh kita
Penyebab mereka terkeluar syurga.[8]

Maka berperangailah manusia kini
Dari bayi sehingga dewasa tiada henti
Digoda syaitan yang menanti
Di depan, belakang, kanan dan kiri.[9]

Sesudah mereka disesatkan
Anak-anak mereka berikutan
Kafirlah generasi berterusan
Tanpa pertunjuk dari Tuhan.[10]

Lebih 124,000 nabi dihantar Tuhan[11]
Membantu manusia kepangkal jalan
Kalau tidak, ramai mengikuti syaitan
Masuk ke neraka di hari kemudian.[12]

Setiap nabi yang dihantarkan
Kepada umat mereka dikenalkan
Kewujudan hanya satu Tuhan
MenyembahNya, satu kewajipan.[13]

Utusan yang akhir dihantar Tuhan
Muhammad, nabi penghabisan
Baginda juga rahmat Tuhan
Untuk manusia sekalian.[14]

Setelah wafatnya baginda,
Para sahabat berdakwah pula[15]
Disusuli Tabiun dan pengikut mereka
Sesudah itu Arif-Billah bertugas pula.[16]


Namun di akhir abad 3 hijriah
Pembaruan datang menerjah
Pengajian Tasawuf berubah
Perjalanannya kini berpecah[17]

Jalan Tasawuf berpecah dua
Satu ikut jalan yang lama
Satu lagi ikut jalan baru pula
Masing-masing ikut hala mereka.[18]

Seorang Mujtahid Islam, Sirhindi
Memberi nama kedua-dua jalan ini
Yang lama, Tasawuf Jalan Nabi-nabi
Yang baru, Tasawuf Jalan Wali-wali.[19]



Arif-Billah  adalah orang pilihan Tuhan[21]
Dilengkapkan Allah rahsia dan ilmuan [22]
Menjadi pembimbing manusia sekalian[23]
Yang mencari pengenalan kepada Tuhan.

Merekalah orang-orang Tuhan,
Kedudukan mereka menakjubkan 
Satu stesyen dibawah kenabian[24]
Timbalan nabi atau rasul Tuhan. [25]

Mereka pegawai kerohanian Tuhan[26]
Membawa keamanan dan kesentosaan
Serta kesejeterahan dan kemakmuran[27]
Adanya mereka, negara keberkatan[28]

Maka lekaslah mencari mereka[29]
Sebelum kewafatan mereka semua[30]
Dengar dengan teliti syarahan mereka[31]
Sehingga Makrifatullah tercapai anda. [32]

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God, you are really great!

July 17th, 2009 — 10:25pm

written by Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

Ant Junior asked his mother
“Why must we live down under
In the Earth and in darkness
Storing foods at all creases.”

Junior added further
“Why can’t we live up there mother?”
Pointing to the earth’s surface
“Like all the human race?”

“I want to run on the ground
Climbing trees abound
To feel the wind on my face
Until I am daze!”

“Why mother why can’t I be like them
Living on Earth in such mayhem
Instead of these cramming tunnels
Running deep in the Earth as channels?”

Ant mother looked at him and said
“I couldn’t answer what you have said
But I’m sure God knows what is best
In giving us this place of rest.”

Ant mother continued in zest
“Knowing that God is the Wisest
All He had done are the best
Even to us living in this Earthly nest.”

Then they heard commotion
All the ants are in motion
“Fire, fire!” they were shouting
Deep into the Earth they are running.

The fire raged day after day
Deep into the Earth the ants did stay
Nourished by the food they had stored
Deep in the Earth’s creases they are placed.

After many days the fire had died down
All the ants were on the Earth’s ground
So great the devastation they witnessed
Every one of them were astounded.

All the trees were plundered
All the animals were massacred
Many humans were executed
By the raging Fire they were butchered.

“Now, Junior”, his mother said
“Do you know why we are safe?”
Junior nodded his head and replied,
“Yes, because deep in the Earth we stayed!”

“Do you now see how great is God’s Wisdom
Otherwise we too would have met our doom!”
Junior nodded his head and whispered
“God, You are really Great!” he said.

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Majulah Singapura

July 9th, 2009 — 12:36am

written by Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

Ahmad and Lim Ah Poh
From Secondary one to four
They were in the same school
The Brilliance Secondary School.

They just could not be together
Fight ensued when they met each other
“Hoi Cina Bukit”[*], Ahmad would shout
“Hoi Budak Kampung”[†], Ah Poh would retort

That were their lives in the School
Fighting each other was the rules
When they finished their secondary education
They went to different Pre-University Institutions .

When his Pre-University Studies did end
Ah Poh continued his studies in England
At Joan Woodward’s Hostel he resided
At Queensway London, it was situated.

After a few months staying in London
Loneliness made him sight and frown
It was either he was in the University
Or back in his room to study.

On a few occasions he did walk
At Hdye Park, he listened to the Talks
But then again back to his room
Studying and feeling gloom.

Then one day he felt hungry
To the Kebab Shop he went hastily
Situated just at the corner of Queensway
From his hostel was not far away.
After placing his order he waited
That was when he was shocked
Into the shop a familiar face
Ahmad “the Kampung Boy” had surfaced.

“Hoi Kampong Boy!”, Ah Poh exclaimed,
“Hoi Cina Bukit”, Ahmad denounced
But to the surprised of every one there
They embraced each other in glee.

“What are you doing here?” Ah Poh asked,
“I am in the University” Ahmad replied.
“What about you?” Ahmad inquired,
“I’m too in the University!”, Ah Poh said.

Since that day they became closed buddy
Always together almost every day
No longer were they enemies
When they were in their secondary studies.

One Summer day, Ahmad was in Ah Poh’s room
They decided to open the widow to air the room
It was a beautiful Summer’s day
The Sun was shining with splendid rays.

Then Ahmad shouted with gay
“Hei do you know what day is today
It is the 9th of August do you remember?”
Ah Poh replied, “Sure I remember!”

Then they held each other hand
Facing the open widow, they sang
“Majulah Singapura, Majulah Singapura!”[‡]
The room was full of aura.

Then suddenly they heard voices booming
From the neighbouring houses they were coming
The voices were shouted almost together
“Shut the window, bloody Foreigners!”

[*] Degrading remark about a Chinese coming from the hill. The equivalent  of the present “Ah Beng”
[†] Degrading remark about a malay coming from the “kampong”. Kampung in the early days was a wayward malay village.
[‡] It meant, “Progress Singapore, Progress Singapore”, it is the Singapore’s National Anthem

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June 27th, 2009 — 2:17am

written by Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

A few miles into the Desert Jane drove
Wanting to view the Desert’s Grove
It was late evening when she did stop
Facing a small Hill about 25 feet to the top .

Leaving on her Jeep’s lights
On her feet to the top of the Hill she flight
Wanting to savour  the Desert’s delight
Picturesque in the evening light

She took a Jacket and a Bottle of drink
As she went onto the Hill’s brink
From the Hill, she breathe the sight
The majestic view did make her sigh

Then from behind she did hear
A strange sound approaching near
When she turned the Sky was dark
A small Cave on the Hill she dove like Lark

From the Entrance of the Cave she watched
It was raining sands everywhere she looked
She waited a long time but it did not stop
In the end she fell asleep at the spot.

After a long slumber she woke up
From the Entrance she saw the Sun was up
She stood up and rushed outside
Everywhere only sands in sight

There was no more hill standing
The sands had risen to the Cave’s footing
Her jeep could no longer be seen
In the unending sand it was hidden .

In the early morning light she decided to track
Walking through the Desert to find her way back
She walked back the direction she came
Carrying her Bottle of water in her Jacket seam.

As the Sun got higher and higher
The heat was too much for her
She drank a little as could be
The water she needed to preserve.

When the heat was unbearable to bear
She sought refuge under a hugh Boulder
There she waited for the evening
Before she started again her walking

When the sun set, the night was black
She was lucky to find a place to rest her back
In the night it was cold and quiet
With her Jacket and Jean she managed.

In the next morning light she started again
Seeking refuge when the heat was burning pain
In the evening she started once again
But this time her water none remain.

Feeling thirsty and hungry she slogged
Her throat and mouth were patched
When the night came so suddenly
She was caught with no place to lay.

So she trodded on in the night
Hoping to reach the end of the Desert
When her foot slipped and she fell free
Down a Ridge she failed to see.

Fortunately the Ridge was but small
As she tumbled down her body hit a wall
Her hands started to rub the wall
It was but a big boulder along the fall.

There she lay exhausted in great pain
Her throat  and her lips were slain
She knew then she could not survive
Another onslaught of the desert’s drive

She began to think of her parents
Their kind and loving faces apparent
She cried her heart in pain
Knowing she would not see them again.

Then she began to think of God
Never in her life she gave Him a thought
Then strange thing that night did occur
The first time in her life she said a prayer

“Oh God, I am never a believer
Hence I ignore You altogether
But if You really exist as they say
Please send an Angel to where I lay!”

She thought of her parents again
And her tears fell unrefrained.
Soon after she fell asleep
As the dark night began to creep.

That morning a few feet from the Ridge
A Husband and wife scientists did lodge
Their camp together with their instruments
To study the desert’s predicament.

Together they brought along their daughter
Who would be 5 years old two days later
And who was staring up the Ridge
A red colour thing her eyes did see.

What she saw was Jane’s sneakers
Her curiosity made she went hither
When to the colour she came nearer
She saw Jane sleeping beside the boulder.

“Hi there are you alright?” she said
Jane woke up startled and afraid
Before her was a small figure
Jane watched feeling unsure.

Then the figure moved toward her
Sitting down and grasped her fingers
“Are you alright Lady?” the voice say
Jane just do not know what to say.

Then Jane heard another voice clearly
“Angel, I coming to get you!” a voice of a Lady.
Jane tears fell and in her heart she did pray,
“Thank you God, You really exist,” she did say.

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June 27th, 2009 — 2:13am

written by Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

Kukata was one year old
His parents perished in the Typhoon’s fold
To all Fishermen it was a common disaster
Many young ones left without mother and father.

He was then adopted by his uncle
Who is married but no children to cuddle
So Kukata grew up until he was fifteen
With his uncle who was also a fisherman.

At this age Kukata began to pay attention
Many Villagers did always mention
That he was but an adopted son
After his parents were killed by the typhoon

Afraid to ask his adopted father
He approached his mother’s brother
He confirmed what the villagers did mention
Kukata was but an adopted son

Since that day his life was fill with sadness
Inferiority feeling came to harness
Every day was but a torment
In his heart he cried and lament.

Eventhough he was sad and despair
He kept his griefs and did not air
Sparing his adopted parents feeling
Should they know there was no tellings.

That morning he left with his father
In a boat they row together.
However fish they could not gather
From spot to spot they move hither.

Unknowingly they entered the areas
Control by uncivilised Savages
Soon many boats surrounded them
The Savages drawing weapons at them.

After a few tensed minutes locked
The Savages Chief spoke
“We need only one life to offer
To our God, the Mountain Retainer!.”

The Chief then  continued
“So choose between you
Which one shall die!
Or what a choice, fie! fie!”

Immediately Kukata fraught
He was an adopted child, he thought
His life meant nothing to his father
He was sure his life his father would offer.

To his surprise he heard his father said,
“Take me in his stead
As he is my son, the only son I have!”
His father to the Chief did rave.

To his men the Chief then signalled
Into their boat his father was pulled
Then his boat was pushed away
The Chief signalled for him to go his way.

He took the paddle and turned  to his father,
“Father, is it true  I am your  son, your only son?”
His father looked at him and what he said
Kukata would never forget until he is dead.

“You are my son, my only son
There is no others but you the one
No words can ever show my love for you
The truth is, now my life is you!”


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Ali & Aliya

June 19th, 2009 — 11:42pm

written by Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

50 years Ali and Aliya been married
She was 23 and he was 24 when they first dated
After a year they tied the knot
After both their parents gave their nods.

Now they are seventy three and seventy four
Aliya was not as healthy as before
Just a few months ago she slipped
Her pelvis in several place was fractured.

She was admitted into a hospital
She was operated because of the fall
She was discharged a month later
Walking with a crutch supporting her

During her one month stay in the hospital
Ali was by her side thoughout the ordeal
Day and night without fail
Encouraging her with loving calls

Now they are back at home nicely
But she needs treatment twice monthly
The hospital was in another town
6 hours journey, Ali frown.

After much discussion they decided
To sell their house and moved
Log barrel and all
To a house very near the hospital

After a few months in the new residence
On her crutch with Ali’s assistance
Aliya was on hobbling home after treatment
When they passed a group of young men

Suddenly one of the men shouted,
“We hate strangers in our town resided!”
Suddenly they kicked Aliya’s crutch
She fell to the ground after a lurch.

The young men then rushed toward her
Wanting to stamp their feet over her
That was when Ali bodily covered her
He was kicked instead of her.

So vicious was their attack
Ali was unconscious on the track.
Before unconscious, they all could hear
He said “I won’t let them hurt you my dear, !”

Ali was in the hospital for 7 days
Beside him Aliya sat and stay
Tears fell almost everyday
Watching Ali unconscious day by day.

He is the only man she loves
The only man who she knows
There was never another
Her heart belong to him and no other.

She held his hand and said in a soft tone
“Don’t you die and leave me alone
I can’t bear to live without you
This world is empty if I’m without you!”

All the doctors and nurses did hear
Aliya’s lamentation so clear
Tears too roll down their cheeks
To note the pains love did reek.

Soon words spread around
First the hospital then the town
Many best wishers came around
Watch the loving couple feeling astound.

Then miracle happened on the 10th day
Ali gained consciousness in the midday
He sat upright on is bed so suddenly
Sending well-wishers and Aliya in frenzy.

Ali said something everybody did hear
“Aliya, Aliya where are you my dear?”
When he saw Aliya by his side
He held her face and they embraced.

“Thank you God for keeping her alive
I do not mind sacrificing my life
just to see her one more day in my life!”
Ali thanking God that she survives.

Tears fell from his eyes
Tears fell  from Aliya’s eyes
Tears fell from the many well-wishers
Tears too fell from the nurses and doctors.

7 days more in the hospital he did stay
Aliya was by his side all the days
The hospital discharged him
Since he was then fit and trim.

Ali and Aliya left the ward
To the main Entrance they walked
At the Entrance they stood in shock
So many strangers at the Entrance did flock

On seeing them they all clapped their hands
A stranger with a Mayor’s cap took their hands
Leading them to a strange structure
Covering in a large clothes in white.

The structure clothed in white stood
In the small garden at the Entrance’s foot
All those present shouted encouragement
For Ali and Aliya to pull the white garment.

When they tugged at the white clothes’ cord
They were shocked beyond words
Stood there are their busts in embrace
And a caption below it did state,

“I do not mind sacrificing my life
just to see her one more day in my life!”

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Kau satu ilham daripada Loh Mahfuz

June 19th, 2009 — 11:31pm

oleh Hussien bin Abdul Latiff

Kau satu ilham daripada Loh Mahfuz
Yang di turunkan kepada sejenis makhluk
Dengan ilham itu kau mendapat nama
Nama yang diberikan adalah “Manusia”.

Kau satu ilham daripada Loh Mahfuz
Yang di turunkan kepada ibu-bapamu
Dengan ilham itu kau mendapat nama
Rahimah, Rahim, Ali dan Aliza.

Kau satu ilham daripada Loh Mahfuz
Yang di turunkan kepada kau semua
Dengan ilham yang diturunkan itu
Kau berlagak seperti Manusia.

Kau satu ilham daripada Loh Mahfuz
Yang menjadi penuntun bagi hidupmu
Dan segala tindak tandukmu
Untuk kamu hidup sebagai Manusia.

Kau satu ilham daripada Loh Mahfuz
Pelan Induk Allah Maha Bijaksana
Tidak ada yang dilupakanNya
Loh MahfuzNya adalah sempurna.

Maka menjadi rukun iman ke enam
Semua sudah ditakdirkan Tuhan
Kalau kau ingat masih boleh diubahsuai
Maka kau masih belum beriman.

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On your retirement, dear

May 23rd, 2009 — 11:27pm

Now you have retired
Your employment has ceased
Forty over years you served
With dedication unreserved

Oh! how I recall those days
Before the visiting morning rays
You are ready prime and gay
Looking forward to earn your pay.

Oh! how I used to laugh
Seeing you off in a rush
As if time is not enough
Being employee looked so tough.

Then in the evening you came back
This time you looked so slack
The day works seemed to wreck
All energy your body packed

After dinner, at the desk you are glued
Piles of working papers inundated
In your world you were locked
You were all famished by nine o’clock.

Then slowly yours eyed closed
On your chair you dozed
Only to wake up later
Then on the bed you faltered.

Now those days had gone bye
You are free as the birds that fly
Free to do as you wish
Retirement is everybody wish.

But wait, who is that lady with a hat?
Swinging a saber with no regret
Swiping the weeds and tall grasses
Leaving them short on their asses

Oh Oh! it is you, my love
A Gardener you now, behove!
What an amusing sight to behold
A civil servant now in a Gardener’s role

Wow! What now my darling?
The house is in sprint cleaning?
I really admired your energy
Retirement is for you a synergy

Then suddenly one week later
Back pain ran you asunder
Now a real gardener you employed
Gardening to you is no more joy.

Now every week I have to attend
Massaging your back in pain
Suddenly a masseur I become
For you my dear, it is most welcome.

Suddenly our house is back to nomal
Just like before your retirement call
Now you are really retired, my girl
And your back pain is the scoundrel.

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Making each other laugh is a treat

May 23rd, 2009 — 11:20pm

As we walked hand in hand
Strolling slowly unrestraint
You smile at me and I at you
It withers all the blues

I know and you know
We wish the children too know
How much we missing them
How much we yearning to see them.

From breakfast till dinner,
We both ate alone hither
Unaccompanied by children
Dinner table is but a zen.

How long more can we survive
Age is succumbing non-revive
Yet the children are far off
Forgeting us in a huff.

The present one with us
Secluded in her world unfuzz
Never a day did she spend
Sitting together with us, her parents.

So there you are my love,
There is only I and you,
Each day we up to our trick
Making each other laughed is a treat.

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